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  • is an online platform that allows multiple vendors to sell their products or services to customers through website. is often used by businesses to connect with a larger customer base and expand their reach.
  • In, vendors create their own storefronts, list their products or services, set their own prices, and manage their own orders and shipping. Customers can browse products or services from multiple vendors, compare prices and features, and make purchases directly on the marketplace.
  •  charges a commission for each sale made on the platform, and may also provide additional services such as marketing, customer support, and payment processing.
  •  can offer several benefits to both vendors and customers. For vendors, it provides a ready-made platform to sell their products, access to a wider audience, and reduced marketing and administrative costs. For customers, it offers a wide variety of products or services from different vendors, often at competitive prices, with a simplified checkout process.
  • However, there are also challenges associated with multi-vendor marketplaces, such as maintaining quality control over products or services, ensuring timely shipping and delivery, and handling customer service inquiries and disputes. These challenges are mitigated through careful vendor selection, monitoring, and clear policies and procedures.
  • Overall,  marketplaces  can be a powerful tool for businesses looking to expand your reach and for customers looking for a convenient and diverse shopping experience. Service Fee

  • A service charge of between 5% and 10% will be applied to your order on
  • Commission rates vary for each product category. To learn more about them, please click on the following link. (Commission Rates)
  • At, we offer a payment method where you can pay for selected product in three installments. In return, a small commission charge will be applied. This commission charge is deducted as a service fee.
  • You will receive two payouts per month, one on the 3rd day and the other part on the 18th on the 18th day of every month. Your earnings balance for completed orders will be deposited into your earnings account on those specific days each month. (After six months of your registration, we offer four payouts per month.)
  • The given date can be changed according to bank holidays

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Better insight of business data from various aspects, enchance operation and increase sales.

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Get feedback from customer directly and reply questions on the fly

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Rich and convenient user inter-face of order, shipnotice and invoice

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Consistent user experence no matter where the entry point is, e.g. mobile, laptop, tablet

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